Media allowed to reproduce images of flag-draped coffins

Friday, February 27, 2009

'Untitled, War Redacted Series, 2007' by Camille J. Gage. Copyright Camille J. Gage, used with permission.
The number of soldiers who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan is 4,253. As each soldier returns home, their bodies lay in coffins that are flown back to the U.S. through Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. We have not been permitted to see those flag-draped coffins because of a Pentagon ban on media coverage that dates back 18 years to the George H. W. Bush presidency. The media, it was thought, would use these images in a malignant way instead of honoring the dead. This week, after an announcement by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the ban officially ends.

To read about this check out the New York Times article Defense Chief Lifts Ban on Pictures of Coffins.

View a larger photo of "Untitled, War Redacted Series, 2007." © Camille J. Gage, used with permission.

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