McCain ties Obama to Weather Underground, Obama ties McCain to Keating Five

Monday, October 06, 2008

It’s been a busy weekend for candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times joins The Takeaway to explain.
Guest: Jeff Zeleny, New York Times


Mary Harris and Noel King

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Get a life! Obama was barley born when Ayers was involved in those activities and we all have the ability to be redeemed! Do you know anyone who is not a Republican that is perfect?

Oct. 08 2008 09:31 AM

It amazes and saddens me that the media can't seem to report effectively on the campaign. Instead of getting thoughtful explanations of the positions of both candidates, we get Obama-Ayers, McCain-Keating, and my personal favorite, Palin won the debate because looked into the camera more. I suppose it is easier to print he said/she said nonsense than to carefully read policy statements and compare them to public pronouncements. But a responsible media (which contrary to common opinion is not liberal, but 80% owned by conservatives and conservative-controlled corporations), would report the facts, not the hysteria of the fringe on either side.
Obama is leading in the polls because only a small handful of people can honestly say they are better off today than they were seven years ago. We've had nearly eight years of Bush's "government is bad" approach, and this is the only thing he has been successful at: He has made bad government a self-fulfilling prophecy. McCain stands for the same principles of less regulation, trickle down economics and carry a big stick foreign policy. If you think that this has worked for you, for the country, for our standing in the world and our future, then by all means vote for McCain. Obama is far from perfect. But an Obama-Biden administration simply can't do worse that what McCain-Palin advocate. Palin needs to be reminded that those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Or in this case, repeat it again.

Oct. 07 2008 09:39 AM

Let's review: Ayers admits to direct involvement in SDS ('Weather Undergound') activities that lead to numerous bombings, resulting in significant property damage, and in some cases, deaths. The fact that this happened '40 years ago', is not the issue here.
He has had more than a passing relationship with Obama: he has hosted and supported him, worked with him in the past.
To call Ayers merely an 'acquaintance' of Obama is false.
To call Ayers an unapologetic (former) domestic terrorist is not slander, it is correct (Search NY Times for 'Ayers', pub: 9/11/01, of all dates, for the article).
If I invite a head of the Gambino crime family to my home for an event, anyone who finds out is entitled to question my personal judgement.
If a candidate for President is involved, on more than one occasion, with an unapologetic radical who regrets: 'not having bombed more', tell me how this is NOT a legitimate topic in any discussion of Obama's judgement and character.

Oct. 06 2008 12:15 PM

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