A Match Made in Health Care Heaven

Thursday, July 02, 2009

While The White House and Congress continue to hash out a plan to reform health care across the country, the people in Miami-Dade County are taking matters into their own hands. County officials and Blue Cross Blue Shield are teaming up to develop a plan for the uninsured. If it's successful, this public-private partnership could be a model for the nation. Joining The Takeaway to discuss this plan is Josh Johnson, reporter and anchor for WLRN, Miami Herald News, who attended the first day of health care sign-ups last night.


Joshua Johnson


David J Fazekas

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bob in NYC

I think you need to ask all comentators about health to --

1. declare if they pay for their health insurance or does their employer pay?

2. If their employer pays -- do they know how much they would have to pay per month if their employer did not pay.

Jul. 02 2009 08:09 AM

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