Parenting: Make Way for Dads

Monday, November 02, 2009

Everyone knows that it's better for families if dads are involved in the parenting process, but some researchers say moms might be making it harder for them to get involved and stay involved. We're joined by Takeaway contributor Lisa Belkin, who writes The New York Times family and parenting blog Motherlode, and psychologists Marsha Pruett and Kyle Pruett. They say recent research shows that women could be more supportive of how their husbands act as parents.

“When I had my first children, thirty-plus years ago, I had to get a signed permission from the chair of obstetrics and gynecology to be in the room where my child was born: [the same room] where I as an intern had been delivering babies six weeks ahead of that time.”
—Psychologist Kyle Pruett on his initial difficulty creating his role as a father


Lisa Belkin, Kyle Pruett and Marsha Pruett


Jen Poyant

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