Show Us the Money: Getting Payback for Madoff Victims

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bernie Madoff was sentenced yesterday to the maximum term of 150 years, but what happens to any remaining wealth, and what can his victims do to get some of their money back? Diana Henriques, a senior financial writer for The New York Times has been following this story and joins The Takeaway.


Diana Henriques

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Todd Zwillich

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Darin Meyer from Marin County California

My name is Darin Meyer from S.F. California. I sold my house and put the money in temorarly with other money already in it. I got in through my CPA.One month later it was gone. In total I lost all my money of 980,000 My sister lost 400,000 and my parents lost 750,000. I am broke at 43 my parents are broke at 77 and my sister at least got to keep her house. Total lost for our family is 2,130,000. Thanks for that BernieMadoff!

Feb. 16 2010 07:36 PM

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