Local officials take on federal crimes in immigration crackdowns

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

With demand growing for tougher immigration enforcement and a flurry of new state laws addressing the issue, local police are stepping up and arresting illegal immigrants. Damien Cave, the Miami Bureau Chief for the New York Times, has been tracking these local crackdowns.


Chelsea Merz

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Rafael Cervera

You ask the why of the slew of state immigration laws. Can you say "Mein Kanpf"? because this attitude by North Americans boils down to just that: plain old fascism.

The Latin American immigrants (just like the previous immigrants, such as the Irish and Italians before them) are here because they are hungry. They did not leave a plush set up in their home country and decide to come to the US to pillage and ransack out of boredom.

And why are they hungry? because the USA consumes and wastes so much of the worlds resources. A Mexican cannot compete growing tomatoes in his homeland because the Usonian farmers are subsidized by congress and thus create unfair competition.

While we are on the subject, these immigrants whom are paid miserable wages, also pay more taxes than the average joe because they can't file tax returns on April 15. Using a false SS# might get them the job, but also 30% of their wages withheld which they never see again, Where do those dollars go?

So when I hear of the American xenophobia. I can only think how long before everybody starts raising their arm in the fascist salute and say "Heil".

Jun. 11 2008 08:58 AM

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