Live from the Kennedy Library in Boston

Friday, August 28, 2009

We go this morning to Sean Corcoran, senior reporter with WCAI, Cape and Island Radio. He joins us live from the Kennedy Library in Boston, where the body of Senator Ted Kennedy lies in repose, to talk about the public's response to the death of their long-serving senator. We also talk to two people who lined up to pay their respects: 41-year-old Darren Ring, from Weymus, Massachusetts, who was the first person in line; and Ann Zeller, from Fremont, New Hampshire, who drove to Boston with her husband.

Here are a few pictures from Boston as people readied for today's wake:


Sean Corcoran

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Femi Oke


Noel King

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Dave Brubeck

If Ted Kennedy really cared about your state he would of stepped down a year ago leaving suitable time to find a replacement.
Instead his massive ego would not see fit to step aside and hand over his empty suit to another.

Aug. 28 2009 03:41 PM

listening in RI - I will probably be late now for my first day of school, but did not sit well that in your conversation with Barny Frank, you suggested that it might be OK to have a "vacation" from a Kennedy in office "in New England" - John, we may be the smallest state, but, I think the Congressman has a big enough voice that he and our small state should not be so easily overlooked!!

Aug. 28 2009 06:28 AM


You and Bush helped bring us No Child Left Behind. Seriously, the most important education legislation in the last 30 years bringing consistency to the evaluation of the classroom learning.

Once the NEA disputed it and now it's recognized as a way to improvement.

Aug. 28 2009 06:06 AM

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