The Koreas: So Close, So Uneasy

How South Korea now views its northern counterpart

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday, North Korea's official news agency warned of a “powerful military strike” on South Korea if it searched the North’s ships. This came the same day that the North said that it no longer considers itself bound by the terms of the armistice that ended war between the Koreas five decades ago. New York Times reporter Martin Fackler wrote about a dramatic shift in how South Koreans are viewing their northern neighbors. He joins The Takeaway from Seoul.

For more, read Martin Fackler's article, S. Koreans Express Fatigue With a Recalcitrant North, in today's New York Times.
"If South Korea were to go in there an rebuild it, and take it over like West Germany did to East Germany two decades ago, the bill would be enormous. North Korea is so far behind, and I think South Koreans are balking at the prospect of doing that themselves."
—Martin Fackler of the New York Times on relations between North and South Korea


Martin Fackler

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Farai Chideya


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