Is it debtor's prison for the nation's banks?

Friday, February 13, 2009

According to a sober assessment of the mountain of losses facing some of the nation's largest banks, the banks could be called insolvent. Calling for more direct government involvement in the banking sector, a group of economists and finance experts claim that without a cure for the bad assets, the credit crisis will linger and banks will not be able to resume the lending that is key to the economy. For what this means for the economy and the nation, we turn to Steve Lohr, a reporter for the New York Times.

For more, read Steve Lohr's article, Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep Solvent in today's New York Times.

"Unless you solve this issue of these bad assets, we're not going to get the kind of lending we need to get the economy going."
— Steve Lohr of the New York Times on the insolvency of the nation's largest banks


Steve Lohr

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