Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Steal the Show at G-20

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nuclear disarmament is high on the international agenda this week with discussions at the United Nations and the G-20 summit. Adding to the sense of urgency are new reports that Iran has a second uranium enrichment plant, despite having previously admitted only to one. The U.S. and Iran are set to meet in a series of high-level talks next week. In Pittsburgh this morning, President Obama spoke about the need for Iran to halt their nuclear ambitions. GlobalPost's Charlie Sennott explains the international repercussions of this new revelation while Cindy Skrzycki, also from GlobalPost, joins us from Pittsburgh with the reactions from the G-20 meeting.

If you missed it, here are President Obama's comments on Iran's secret enrichment site:


Charlie Sennott and Cindy Skrzycki

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Todd Zwillich

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