A Team Effort: International Forces in Afghanistan

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The United Nations Security Council will vote today to reauthorize the mandate for international forces in Afghanistan. Forty-two countries have troops in Afghanistan in numbers small and large, ranging from Singapore's two soldiers to Britain's 9,000. We're spending the week on the now eight-year-old war in Afghanistan; today we look at the role international forces are playing and how well U.S. forces and international allies are working together. Evelyn Farkas is a senior fellow with the American Security Project, a public policy organization. She was part of a NATO delegation with the International Security Assistance Force that just returned from Afghanistan this week. We also speak to BBC defense and security correspondent Nick Childs in London, and BBC correspondent Tristana Moore in Berlin.


Nick Childs, Evelyn Farkas and Tristana Moore

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paul Kleiser

The islamic terrorists are the true infidel abomination;as one of them i would hide in the same cowardly manner in a landlocked,tribal,ill-educated,unregulated country of impossible terrain with one viable cash crop(just ask Karzai's brother)----so we chase them into Pakistan,then we pay Pakistan to chase them back and pontificate about how to "win"-- doesn't the Koran prohibit most of their abominable activities-----let's just call it "Absurdistan"----we need not sacrifice one more prime life to play with these master manipulators bearing centuries of underhanded camel swapping

Oct. 08 2009 09:54 AM

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