India wants answers from Pakistan

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The political aftermath of the attacks on Mumbai has involved a lot of finger-pointing from India to Pakistan. With what appears to be clear evidence of the Pakistani origins of the gunmen, many in India are simply outraged at the protestations of innocence by Pakistani politicians. The only gunman known to have survived is said to have come from Pakistan. Journalist Shaheen Shebai joins the Takeaway to examine the story.
"The blame game started even before anybody know who was involved and what they were doing and where they came from."
—Shaheen Shebai on Indo - Pakistani relations


Shaheen Shehbai

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Well before the last bodies were being counted at the Taj, Mumbai police had nabbed the surviving terrorist in the car they had commandered in a shootout. The kid spilled the beans; they had arrived by boat from Karachi, with weapons and explosives. They belonged to the Laskhar, the ISI supported terrorist group that was fighting in kashmir and had been responsible for other terroristic atrocities in India in the past 12 months, and they had been trained for a year by an army officer in Pakistan. Anyone following the news releases is well aware of this as is Shaheen Shebai. Let us stop this pretense and focus on Pakistan's role in providing a base to terrorists.

Dec. 02 2008 03:48 PM

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