Illegal immigration in the era of unemployment

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal, make up eight percent of the labor force in this country. In factory towns like Morristown, Tennessee that figure almost doubles. The tensions in this small town between unemployed workers and illegal immigrants may give us an indication of how the Obama administration will have to approach its immigration policies in the midst of a troubled economy. The Takeaway is joined by Julia Preston, New York Times Immigration Correspondent, who spent six months watching the dynamics of Morristown's labor market.

Julia Preston's story will be available Sunday in the New York Times.


Julia Preston


Farai Chideya and Jen Poyant

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David M Hunter from Everett,Washington,98201

THE FORGOTTEN ONES! look at help for illegals KNOW ? ASKED, i am a forgotten ,i was born and raised in America.

Oct. 03 2010 11:21 AM

We, about 50, have found ways to make the illegal alien fall into the court system thus alowing them to create a foot print that can be traced. We also make there lives a living nightmare. Knowing where the little turds go-bank of america-money transfers- gas staions ectetra. Once thay are in our sights thay are doomed to our trade.

May. 29 2009 06:55 PM

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