How Can the President Earn His Nobel Peace Prize?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The announcement that President Barack Obama would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year came as a surprise to many – including the president, apparently – and inspired criticism that his record thus far hasn't justified such an award. How can President Obama show from this point forward that he deserves the Peace Prize?  To help answer that is David Sanger, The New York Times chief Washington correspondent; and James Fallows, former presidential speechwriter and a contributor for the Atlantic.


James Fallows and David Sanger


David J Fazekas

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Keep America Safe as He, Atty.General Holder FBI, CIA & Department Of Defense are Doing as I Type.

As well as the Following...

1. Have a Strong Nuclear Treaty With Russia.

2. Have a Safe, Strong & Stearn Nuclear Treaty with North Korea.

3. Capture or Slay Bin Laden.

4. End the War in Iraq & Afghanistan Responsibly and Timely.

5. Form a Strong Coalition of Nations like Russia, India & China, to Get Involved in this War Effort in Afghanistan & Pakistan, so as to Bring about a Timely & Effective End to the Conflict in those Specific Regions, so Our Soldiers can come home, to Rebuild or Nation

Dec. 10 2009 10:05 AM

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