House Votes to Reprimand Rep. Joe Wilson

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


With a roll call vote of 240-179 mainly along party lines, the House of Representatives yesterday passed a resolution of disapproval of Congressman Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina). Wilson yelled "you lie" in the midst of President Obama's address to Congress last week; the House reprimand said that Wilson had committed a “breach of decorum and degraded the proceedings of the joint session, to the discredit of the House.” One of the “yes” votes on that resolution came from Rep. Laura Richardson (D-California), who joins us this morning. (click through for a full interview transcript)

For a refresher on Wilson's outburst watch the start of the ruckus below:


Laura Richardson

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Todd Zwillich


David J Fazekas

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Patrick Carroll

Hi there! Any chance you guys might cover ACORN giving out advice on how to run a brothel full of underage Latin-American prostitutes and use the proceeds to fund a political career? Just wondering, since the last time we heard from ACORN, it was stuffing the ballot boxes with votes for Obama from people like "Donald Duck," "Mickey Mouse," and "Jive Turkey." No rush, or anything, as the intertubes are covering the news you won't. Just don't want you to look too, oh, agitprop.

Sep. 16 2009 02:36 PM

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