Hitting the Reset Button on U.S.-Russia Relations

Monday, July 06, 2009


Today President Obama and his Russian counterpart, President Medvedev, meet in Moscow. This is the first full-fledged summit since 2002, when President Bush famously looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul. This time around, the press has largely been focusing on negotiations to reduce strategic nuclear weapons. The White House, however, is stressing that this meeting is much more wide–ranging; their goal is for the U.S. to forge a substantive relationship with the Russian government and the Russian people. For a look at whether or not this can be achieved, we’re turning to Ambassador Thomas Pickering. He served as Ambassador to the United Nations from 1989-1992 and as Ambassador to Russia from 1993-1996. He is currently the co-chair of The International Crisis Group.

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Ambassador Thomas Pickering


Chelsea Merz

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