The WHO renames 'swine flu'

Friday, May 01, 2009

The World Health Organization announced yesterday that they no longer will be referring to swine flu as the "swine flu" after receiving constant pressure from the meat industry. Its new name, "influenza A (H1N1)" doesn't necessarily roll off the tongue. Grant Barrett, a lexicographer and the co-host of the public radio show "A Way with Words," joins The Takeaway.


Grant Barrett

Hosted by:

Daljit Dhaliwal and Todd Zwillich


David J Fazekas

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Wow, loved the "name of this flu" segment with Grant. I think you missed the golden opportunity to mix-and-match and denote the afflicting virus the swiney-heinie flu. Kind of like lipstick on a pig, only it's a closer.

May. 01 2009 06:13 PM
Leon Freilich


Don't be a swine! And don't you dare to call it

The Mexican flu, for they get mad when you scrawl it.

Our public health officials have requested

--And President Barack Obama has stressed it--

We use the scientific term (others shun)

Influenza A H1 N1.

As such, Mexicans' pride is spared being bruised

And south-of-the-border pigs won't feel abused.

Keep this official nomenclature in mind

Lest a sensitive sow has you porcined.

May. 01 2009 02:21 PM

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