Green machines: Searching for environmentally friendly electronics companies

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Electronics are getting smaller, but they are still a big problem when it comes to the environment, from the chemicals that go into making them to the toll they take on the planet when we throw them away. What should green consumers look for when purchasing a gadget?
Guest: Casey Harrell, Toxicity Campaigner at Greenpeace and coordinator of the Greenpeace Green Electronics and products guides.

Greenpeace's Guide to Green Electronics
Nokia (7)
Samsung (5.7)
Fujitsu-Siemens (5.5)
Sony Ericsson (5.3)
Sony (5.3)
LG (4.9)
Toshiba (4.7)
Dell (4.7)
HP (4.7)
Acer (4.5)
Panasonic (4.5)
Philips (4.3)
Apple (4.1)
Lenovo (4.1)
Motorola (3.7)
Sharp (3.1)
Microsoft (2.2)
Nintendo (0.8)
Source: Greenpeace

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