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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just how power hungry is internet giant Google? The Takeaway's Power Trip heads to the Google campuses in Mountain View, California to find out. John Hockenberry sits down with Bill Weihl, the company's green energy czar (that's his title, no joke). On the interview agenda: the company's top picks for which alt-energy sources will rule the future clean energy economy, including solar with a twist. Plus, Weihl talks about the need for government energy subsidies, and why the company still ain't talking about the power consumed by a Google search.


Bill Weihl


Ellen Horne and Molly Webster

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Gayle Laakmann

The credit for the image is given to "keso", when in fact I took the picture. I was also one of the creators of the Google lego logo.

You are welcome to verify that with following:

* Original post on Google Talk's blog: (note that it is signed by me)
* Article on my blog about it:

Please update the image with a link to

Feb. 26 2009 02:08 AM

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