Golden Oldies: Seniors on the Health Care Debate

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The debate over reforming the nation's health care system has been raging for months, and it seems one of the groups watching the tussle most closely are senior citizens. Most people tend to head to the doctor more as they get older, after all, and as they do, see their health care costs and time spent navigating the bureaucracy increase dramatically.  Also increasing dramatically are the number of American seniors; as the Boomer generation moves into retirement, there are going to be many, many more people who require health care.

Today we talk to Julie Mason, White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner, about how senior citizens have ended up at the center of Washington's tug-of-war on health care reform. We also talk to four senior citizens who have their own opinions on where the debate is going: 67-year old Mary McKinney of the Bronx, New York, 80-year old married couple Dick and Barbara Mitchell of Yukon, Oklahoma, and 86-year old Geraldine Powe in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Julie Mason, Mary McKinney, Dick and Barbara Mitchell and Geraldine Poe

Hosted by:

Amy Holmes and Lynn Sherr


Jen Poyant

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David White

Your guest (Julie Mason, I believe) said President Obama has to do a better job explaining HIS Health plan. The President does NOT HAVE a plan. He has a wish list. The plans are from the Conrgess.

It is NOT a subtle difference. The wish list is just a set of goals.


Aug. 19 2009 09:26 AM

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