Going Green: Assessing White House Plans for Green Jobs

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Green jobs" were a much-repeated idea on the campaign trail in last year's presidential election; the administration is visiting two plants that aim to produce these jobs. Today the president goes to Arcadia, Fla., to highlight a plan for "Smart Grid" technology, and the vice president announces the reopening of an old GM plant as a factory for electric cars. Beyond the public events, we look at how much progress the White House has made in its plan to create "green jobs" with Bracken Hendricks, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, who also served as an advisor to the Obama presidential campaign. We also speak to Susan Hoffman, editor of The Arcadian, along with Andrew Eder, business reporter for The News Journal in Wilmington, Del..


Andrew Eder, Bracken Hendricks and Susan Hoffman


David J Fazekas

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MK Ultra

I have an idea for going green: stop the war! All of it! And have the soldiers work on intalling windmills and solar panels instead of mass murdering innocent women and children to steal their oil for EXXON! C'om on, go ahead, have some ballz Obama!

Oct. 27 2009 09:26 PM
Mike Licht

What's the biggest threat to America’s power grid?



Oct. 27 2009 07:23 AM

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