Drawing (More) Parallels Between Obama and Lincoln

Monday, July 05, 2010

The fact that comparisons can easily be drawn between our country's sixteenth and forty-fourth president is nothing new. People have been comparing Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama for years. With the country currently divided over our two wars; groups of powerful opponents organizing against the president throughout the country; and tough political issues coming at Obama from all directions, the similarities between the two presidents seem difficult to ignore.

Jennifer L. Weber, the author of "Copperheads: The Rise and Fall of Lincoln's Opponents in the North," talks about the two presidencies and the powerful group called "The Copperheads," who nearly prevented Lincoln from accomplishing all he did.


Jennifer L. Weber

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"Lincoln was very much a half a loaf kind of guy the way Obama looks like he’s being—very practical politician—and I think they really share that. — Jennifer L. Weber"
Yes, Jennifer, it's enough to start comparisons. Only in America. And most politicians, including presidents are ... what?

Jul. 05 2010 07:31 PM
Ed from Larchmont

One difference is that President Lincoln freed many human beings, President Obama is determined to keep many human beings without rights (the unborn).

Jul. 05 2010 09:22 AM

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