Home Alone: At What Age Is It Acceptable to Leave a Child Home?

Monday, July 05, 2010

To most children, summer vacation means sun, fun and a long break from school. But for many parents, each summer brings with it the same difficult question: what to do with the kids? Working parents often grapple with leaving children unattended during the workdays, and childcare can take a toll on the pocketbook. How young is too young for a child to be left home alone?

We get the perspectives of two parents: Ylonda Gault Caviness, a parenting jounalist, as well as Professor Bruce Boyer, the Director of the Civitas Child Law Clinic at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law.


Prof. Bruce Boyer and Ylonda Gault Caviness

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Kristen Meinzer

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Tonya from Staten Island

As a single parent, I have looked this one up often during the twenty plus years of my parenting career. I found an answer in a single moms parenting book many years ago that suggests that children below the fourth grade are not ready to be left unsupervised. And this should be done with some trial runs first. Preparation, obedience, and the level at which the child enjoys quiet time and responsibility are important considerations for this situation.

Jul. 05 2010 08:12 AM

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