President Obama Addresses Immigration Reform

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Opponents of Arizona's new immigration law listen during a protest outside the state capitol building on April 25, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. (John Moore/Getty)

President Barack Obama is scheduled to give a speech on comprehensive immigration reform at the American University School of International Service in Washington, D.C. today. This in the wake of Arizona's controversial immigration law, and the threat of other states passing their own immigration legislation. Valeria Fernandez, a reporter for Feet in Two Worlds — a project of the Center for New York City Affairs at The New School; and Maria Elena Salinas, an anchor at Univision, join us to talk about what they and the hispanic population hope the President will say in his speech.


Valeria Fernandez and Maria Elena Salinas

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Gutierrez is doing a very good job of representing potential FUTURE voters. He is doing a lousy job of representing the American citizens who actually put him in office.

Jul. 01 2010 09:15 AM
Chicago Takeaway Fan

I hope the pace of raids will be doubled and then doubled again. In Chicago, we had this woman Elvira Arellano who taunted ICE that she had a "right" to be here because her son was born here and she couldn't be separated from her son, an American citizen.

The minute she stepped out of the storefront "church" where she holed up for a year, ICE made good on its promise that they would deal with her at a time and place of its choosing. They grabbed her and booted her across the border.

Two shocking results of her deportation...the world kept spinning, and she left her precious son here in Chicago to live with strangers.

Arellano was a prop used by immigration activists and people are very, very tired of the argument about splitting up families or the "rights" of illegal immigrants.

The U.S. should adopt the exact same laws and tactics that Mexico uses to deal with the problem of illegal immigration.

Jul. 01 2010 09:13 AM
David Conley from Red Bank, NJ

Please tell your Hispanic participants that people are not unhappy with Hispanics, only ILLEGAL Hispanics.

Also, do not lawmakers feel like the clothes-less emperor when the first word in the conversation is illegal?

Immigrants are what made this country. Illegal is what is going to destroy it.

Thanks for listening.

Jul. 01 2010 09:07 AM

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