The G-20 in London redux

Friday, March 27, 2009

London will host the G20 summit next week and as they face down hard economic times, it is worth a look back at the last time London hosted a world economic summit. In June 1933, delegates from 66 countries gathered in London to try and agree to a plan to revive the world economy in the midst of the Great Depression. The U.S. played a key role in the 1933 conference, just as it will at the G20 meeting in April. Even then it was the world's largest economy and also the most severely affected by the economic downturn. And, in the midst of the Depression, it had also turned to a new leader to replace the discredited Republican administration of Herbert Hoover. For a look at this historical echo, we turn to Steve Schifferes, an economics reporter for our partners at BBC News.


Steve Schifferes

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