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Friday, June 25, 2010 - 11:44 AM

U.S. President Barack Obama applauds for Solicitor General Elena Kagan after he announced her as his choice to be the nation's 112th Supreme Court justice. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Mary Harris here with a look at the upcoming week on The Takeaway.

MONDAY, JUNE 28TH: Supreme Court scheduled to release its final decisions today before breaking for the summer. Senate Judiciary Committee begins considering Elena Kagan’s nomination to the high court. TEDX oil spill event kicks off in Washington, DC.

WEEKLY AGENDA: Marcus Mabry of The New York Times joins our own economics editor, Charlie Herman to take a look at the week's news and events. Tell us, what are you looking at next week and what’s your word of the week?

  • FAMILY: A few weeks back, one of our producers, Max Bernstein, urged us to talk about what it’s like to be aging and gay on our show. Since June is the 40th anniversary of Pride Week, we thought we’d talk about that in this week’s family segment. Linda Stern at Newsweek has just written an article called “We’re here, we’re Queer, we’re Retiring”. But there’s also a darker side to all this, as exemplified by cases like this one in California – in which, despite all the legal protections one couple fashioned for themselves, when one partner became ill, the state sold the couple’s joint possessions at auction.
  • TED: Can the people behind the TED symposia do anything to help the situation in the Gulf? Well, they’ll try. One of the thinkers headed to their Washington, D.C. meeting this week is John Francis. Forty years ago, after seeing the results of an oil spill in San Francisco, he gave up driving (for 22 years). Then, he gave up speaking (for 17 years). Oh yes, he’s also an expert on oil regulation. We’ll ask about his journey, and how to effectively protest against environmental degradation.
  • DIY CHECKUP: We’re continuing our Do-it-Yourself CHECKUP series by asking the best way to find a doctor. Kate Dailey from Newsweek’s Human Condition blog has the facts: how to ask the right questions, what to look for in a doctor, what websites will help you out. Dr. Pauline Chen from the Doctor and Patient column in The New York Times will talk to us about the movement towards “medical homes” and how to bridge cultural gaps at the doctor’s office.

TUESDAY, JUNE 29TH: The Takeaway/PRI continue our text messaging community engagement reachout with WLRN in Miami. Saudi King Abdullah visits the White House. Confirmation hearings for Gen. David Petraeus kick off in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

  • WORK: Is it time to quit your job? More and more of us are saying yes. Justin Jones-Fosu will join us to talk about the implications of more workers leaving their jobs, now that the labor market is loosening up a bit.
  • SUMMER READING: David Lipsky has written an unlikely memoir of David Foster Wallace, publishing a transcript of a days-long interview he conducted with the charismatic writer in 1996. The result was supposed to be an article for Rolling Stone – but the article was never written. We’ll talk about Wallace’s legacy, and why you might want to put “Although of Course You End up Becoming Your Self” on your summer reading list. Amy Wallace-Havens, David Foster Wallace’s sister, will also join to talk about her brother’s legacy.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30TH: Minneapolis’s KFAI begins broadcasting The Takeaway! Senate Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on misplaced remains at the Arlington National Cemetery. Bestill our heart, the latest Twighlight movie is released.

  • PATRIOTIC FOOD: With July 4th coming up, we’ll talk about what makes patriotic food with Bill Yosses, the pastry chef at the White House.
  • ON RACE: Last summer, we were transfixed by the Henry Louis Gates arrest controversy – a year later, his lawyer and colleague, Charles Ogletree, has published a book about the incident – which is also a larger meditation on what it means to be black in America today. The book is called “The Presumption of Guilt.”

THURSDAY, JULY 1ST Deadline for BP to pay $69 billion for Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup. Finland becomes the first country in the world to declare broadband internet access a legal right. One year ago, US Combat troops withdrew from cities and towns in Iraq. Forbes Magazine “Celebrity 100” published.

  • TECH: With news this month that predator drones are already being used along the US-Mexico border, we’re hoping to take a look at domestic drones. Local police agencies are trying hard to get permission to use drones inside the US. We’d like to examine why.

FRIDAY, JULY 2ND: Monthly unemployment numbers released at 8:30 AM ET.

  • SUMMER MUSIC: In our third summer music segment, Pat Benatar joins us to tell us all about music that says “summer” to her – from Louis Prima to Led Zeppelin.


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