From the frontlines of GM a UAW worker weighs in

Monday, March 30, 2009

Later today President Obama is set to unveil his new plan to revive the flailing U.S. auto industry. As part of the administration's strategy, GM CEO Rick Wagoner was asked to step down. What does his departure mean for GM workers? For GM's employees and unions this question weighs heavily on their minds. We are joined now by Will Marcum, a UAW autoworker in Detroit, who has been grappling with the ousting of his CEO.


Will Marcum

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3. Markets-GM needs to stop picking my pocket every 3-4 years with another (more cheaply built) rendition of what the consumer is currently driving. I want another MODE of Transportation.
Ready-helicopter-personal helicopters, for one to two people (3 if two are kids) (check demographics of single parent families with children/divorce).
Crazy-perhaps-but with the premise the auto companies perfected the auto mobile, and society has adapted to it (pretty well) in just over 100 years. Look at what the car has: safety features that protect the occupants in a rollover, head-on,etc. by way of airbag system, roll cage construction. look at the liscensing system and laws we abide by to own and operate the car. perfected (legally a little too overbearing---but) now look at the system in place to learn how to drive a car, OK it's not the shining example out of the mix, but the point is it is accepted,trusted and it works.

Mar. 30 2009 08:37 PM

All that 'thinking outside the box' didn't amount to much.

If I were president/CEO of GM here is what I would do.
1. Recapture the spirit of life-much like that of the 20's. I would illustrate my vision to the public, a vision far reaching, to invite a competitor to out-think my next move.

2. Products: GM is a mechanized army-so to speak, everyone says a big ship is hard to turn it around-true. to stop production cold turkey IS difficult, and much credit to the good aespects of the auto co's they have perfected the assembly line to transition, fairly quickly. Back to Products. A car is a car--point a point b period. if you want to look good in it-you'll pay more. period. GM needs to diversify it TRANSPORTATION products. NYCers dont drive, they walk or ride the subway/public transit system-GM-design and build public transit rail cars-diversify-capture the manufacturing sector for building high speed rails cars-better yet-GM manage the instalation of the rails.

Mar. 30 2009 08:35 PM

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