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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 06:39 AM

Every morning, Celeste Headlee scours the country’s newspapers for interesting stories. Here's her list for today:

From The Los Angeles Times:

Great reporting from the LA Times - they say that we will likely have a health care crisis before the reform bill kicks in.  From the article: 

"If the economy does not improve substantially, we may be taking some steps backward before we take steps forward," said Ron Pollack, a leading supporter of the healthcare overhaul who heads the consumer group Families USA.


From The Seattle Times:

Nestle wants to compete with Unilever for emerging market customers.  So, the company is sailing a supermarket barge down two Amazon River tributaries. From the article:

The barge has 1,000 square feet of supermarket space and is sailing to 18 small cities and 800,000 potential consumers on the Pará and Xingu rivers in Brazil, before starting the journey again. The vessel will carry 300 different goods including chocolate, yogurt, ice cream and juices.

From The Detroit News:

It's the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death on Friday and Detroit's Motown Museum is opening a big Jackson 5 exhibit on that day. It will probably be nuts out there.

From The Denver Post:

There's a new term: gray divorces.  The Gores are a perfect example of a strong trend. Statistics show that the divorce rate is highest among older people, and much lower for young couples. From the article:

Divorce experts say baby boomers such as the Gores (Al is 62 and Tipper is 61) are the first generation of older people who aren't going to be sticking it out no matter what. Census data from 2004 show fewer marriages standing the test of time. For people who wed between 1955 and 1984, those reaching their 20th anniversary dropped 20 percent.  Tara Parker-Pope would be excellent on this, since she talks about it in her new book.


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