Rundown: Tuesday Primary Elections

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Voters in Utah, South Carolina, and North Carolina will head to the polls for a few final runoffs and primary elections. In Utah, incumbent, three-term Senator Bob Bennett was knocked out at the Utah GOP convention in May, and now two Tea Party candidates will face off against each other.

The Tea Party also looms large in the runoff for the Republican gubernatorial primary in South Carolina. There, Tea Party favorite and Sarah Palin pal Nikki Haley is leading over opponent Gresham Barrett, despite accusations of sex scandals and racial controversies. If elected, Haley, a Punjabi Sikh who converted to Methodism, would be South Carolina's first governor who isn't a white man.

Finally, in North Carolina, Cal Cunningham will face off against Elaine Marshall in the Democratic Senate primary. The winner will go on to run against Republican Senator Richard Burr, an incumbent considered vulnerable in what may be a red state turning blue. In 2008, Senator Kay Hagen defeated Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole.

The Takeaway's man on the ground in the world of politics, Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich, has the latest on all of these races.


Todd Zwillich

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