Is Mexican President Felipe Calderón Losing Control of Drug War?

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Mexican Police overflies Ciudad Juarez on helicopter, on April 8, 2010. Ciudad Juarez, with 1.3 million inhabitants, is the most violent city in Mexico with over 2,660 murders in 2009. (Jesus Alcazar/AFP/Getty)

Since Mexico's President Felipe Calderón took office in December 2006, nearly 23,000 people have been killed as a result of the drug war that has engulfed many parts of the nation, and June might end up being the country's most violent month to date. Just this past weekend, the mayor of Guadelupe was shot and killed in front of his wife and child. And the violence just keeps getting worse.

In Ciudad Juarez, a city of 1.3 million people, reported 2,626 murders last year.  That's more than the number of civilians deaths in Afghanistan the same year: 2,412.  Across the country, 5,229 murders have been reported by the Mexican Newspaper Reforma so far this year, putting the country sadly on track to outpace last years total of 6,588. 

Dudley Althaus, Mexico bureau chief for The Houston Chronicle, tells us how Calderón is handling this violent turn of events and what Mexico's people feel about their country's chances to stem the violence taking place in their streets. Althaus says Mexicans are calling on Calderón to use more targeted methods instead of taking the fight into the streets. Meanwhile the Mexican government is instituting tip lines to try to get citizens to help track crime in their neighborhoods.


Dudley Althaus

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lupita arrollo

America as you name your country. Let me tell you something, there are a lot more countries in America. So United States of America, is the greatest industry of weapons, and a consumer society and other crime associations which are leading and hand in hand with the cartels in Mexico. Like always Latin america takes the price, the corpses, the pain, the rage and the frustration. Of having no voice and no chance to defy this big Monster of power. Meaning is not like USA is going to accept and loose its industry, USA is gladly selling all their weapons and should we be honest if the Country from the backyard is in trouble, soon USA will have reasons like in Irak to enter the country and control it. So we honestly do not know what to do. Our president is not Bush or Obama having the voice and power of our Ruling peso. Nobody gives a damn, the USA is just worried if this violences spills now over the Border.
I am affraid for this future. Who is who ?
Which strategies, Mexico is corrupted till the end, due to a sickness of poverty, corruption, abuse, richness over poverty. Abuse also from Neoliberal, and After old institutions rotten in our country. The politics with this 60 years ruling party PRI. We have great sadness to know and be aware now of names and very powerful people, taking a lot of power and money. Politicians, corrupt leaders, that by the way are all of those very near to those in the USA as servants. So I only ask myself until when do we need to wait God father of the world USA to decide to make drugs legal?.

Sep. 03 2010 04:23 AM
josefina Argüello from Mexico

All the Cartels are using extreme violence to achieve their goals. I believe that, in order to really hit them hard, the government should 1. clean its forces from corruption 2. Arm civilians to help around their communites to clean up 3. Let the U.S use UAV strikes on suspected Cartel hideouts,(after confirming intel) 4.Use DEath penalty on ALL Sicarios,CArtel Members and TElevize it to the Community. (that will teach everyone a lesson) 5. take out the narco corridos and narco movies industry, that is a venue to induce young people into the trade.

Josefina Argüello - Mexico

Jul. 05 2010 11:44 AM
TYC from Earth

@ Daimiste from Denver, CO

You nailed it! I agree 100%. This is prohibition violence...not drug use violence.

Jun. 21 2010 09:31 AM
Daimiste from Denver, CO

"Is Mexican President Felipe Calderón Losing Control of Drug War?"

What in the world is even meant by this question? President Felipe Calderón lost this war the instant he declared it. The proof is that the dead in Mexico are piling up at a clip that is about comparable to the rate that American dead piled up during the Vietnam War.

Or hasn't President Felipe Calderón heard the news that prohibition doesnt' work? Read a little history president and learn from our own American history. The era of the prohibition of alcohol was a resounding failure by any estimator. The American era of prohibition II (the war on drugs) has doen absolutely nothing to curb drug use. Its primary success has been to empower some of the most ruthless people on earth to become very, very rich.

The war in Mexico is so clearly a function of the American war on drugs that only a person who is born without eyes, ears, and a brain could possibly deny that reality. President Felipe Calderón should petition the American government with great fervor to end the war on drugs and develop a sane drug policy.

Since however, politicians these days tend to be dumber than peeled potato skin, it will be a long time before that ever happens. So President Felipe Calderón; Prepare to keep watching the dead pile up like cordwood in your society. It is going to keep going straight to hell in a hand basket. And it is your own damn fault for making no attempt to put any political pressure on the American administration to end this second era of prohibition.

Jun. 21 2010 12:29 AM

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