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Friday, June 18, 2010 - 07:07 AM

Mary Harris here, looking at what we're planing for next week's show. We begin with THE AGENDA. It's our weekly agenda segment with Marcus Mabry of The New York Times. He’ll join with our own Charlie Herman. Each week we ask them to give us a word that describes the week ahead. Tell us, What’s YOUR word of the week?

MONDAY, JUNE 21ST: Wimbledon begins. President Obama discusses responsible fatherhood post Father’s Day. 

  • ON PARENTING: They both have parenting books out in paper back, but everyone has a beef with (Pulitzer Prize winner) Michael Chabon and (his wife) Ayelet Waldman’s parenting. Mental illness is one of the few subjects they haven’t yet tackled head on… even though Ayelet is unabashedly bipolar. Michael and Ayelet join us for an honest and fascinating chat.
  • DIY CHECKUP: We’re continuing our Do-it-Yourself CHECKUP series by asking how we set longterm priorities for better health. Kate Dailey from Newsweek’s Human Condition blog has unearthed an interesting fact: there’s a REALLY SHORT list of things that you need to do to stay healthy. In fact, 90 percent of heart attacks could be prevented by these four simple steps (really!). Of course, only 3 percent of Americans actually do all four. Kate will tell you what those steps are. We’re also joined by Dr. Andrea Price, who tells us how she makes her patients to actually get healthy – and how health priorities change as we age.

TUESDAY, JUNE 22ND: Treasury Secretary Geithner testifies to congressional oversight panel on TARP. Russian President Medvedev begins a three-day visit to the U.S. The White House outlines a comprehensive plan to prevent and end homelessness. Utah Primary elections; Gubernatorial runoff in South Carolina.

  • GRADUATE SCHOOL: This past week we talked about whether college was really preparing young Americans for the workforce – and today we talk to Beth Kobliner about grad school. The dirty truth: Beth rarely thinks grad school is worth it. So – what’s a grad student to do (especially now that so many folks returned to school post-recession)? We’re looking for a questioning grad student to tell us more about how they’re planning to look for work – and whether they’re optimistic about finding work at all.
  • THE PASSAGE: You may not know the name Justin Cronin yet – but after this summer, that will probably change. His book “The Passage” has already been sold to director Ridley Scott – and it’s a best seller on the Kindle. It’s a Stephen King-esque apocalyptic vampire thriller. But Cronin himself is pretty interesting. He’s a graduate of the Iowa writer’s workshop and the winner of a PEN/Hemingway award. We’ll ask him how he decided to do something so mainstream.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23RD : US wraps up its first round of soccer at the World Cup as it faces off with Algeria. Federal Reserve meets to decide about U.S. interest rates.

  • PIE!: It’s a summer pie… dare I call it smackdown? Our own Melissa Clark joins us to talk us through the intricacies of cherry pie, while Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen will tell us all about blueberry. We’ll have recipes online. We’ll have a winner. We'll have full bellies. We’re looking for a fabulous pie-related judge to join us in studio and cast the final vote on which baker knows best.
  • FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Jonathan Weiner’s “Long for This World” argues that immortality is faraway and close at the same time. He’ll tell us why the need for immortality is so embedded in us and whether it’s even realistic.

THURSDAY, JUNE 24TH Medvedev at the White House. NBA Draft. Apple’s iPhone goes on sale in the U.S. and UK.

  • AFGHANISTAN: Dave Kilcullen has written a handbook on insurgency and advised the State Department. As we look towards a long, hot summer in Kandahar, we’ll get his insider perspective on how we got there.
  • AVIATION: We have two possible tech segments next week – both involving the technology of aviation. First: if your phone has GPS, why doesn’t your plane? (No, really, why?) The answer tells an interesting story about the history of aviation – and its future. The FAA thinks that switching commercial airlines to GPS technology won’t just make common sense, but save flight times and conserve energy. We might also take a look at domestic drones. Local police agencies are trying hard to get permission to use drones inside the US. We’d like to examine why.

FRIDAY, JUNE 25TH: G8 summit begins in Canada. First anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Sentencing of NY subway bomb plotter Najibullah Zazi.

  • MOVIES: “Knight and Day” comes out today, and its directed by James Mangold. We’ll talk to him about how he went from "Girl, Interrupted" to "Walk the Line" to "3:10 to Yuma"… and now one of the most anticipated movies of the summer – a star vehicle for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.   
  • SUMMER MUSIC: In our second summer music segment, "Saturday Night Live" star Fred Armisen (he plays President Obama) spins some of his favorite music for us – bands you’ve never heard of, along with summer favorites like Prince. And of course you’ll be able to stream Fred’s playlist at our website.


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