Forget the bake sales: Byron Garrett is the PTA's first male CEO in 100 years

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Byron Garrett is the first male CEO of the National Parent-Teacher's Association in 100 Years. The 35-year-old black is a former principal — not a parent, though he raised his nephews — and was appointed by the national board with a unanimous vote. Garrett calls The Takeaway from San Diego, where later this week the PTA will be holding its 112th annual national convention.

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April Walker

I was very happy to read that we have an African-American male as PTA CEO. I wondered who would replace Warlean Gary. I look forward to meeting Mr.Garrett at the EML Conference and hearing him speak. I hope he can help us encourage more parents to become involved with PTA, but minority parents and men especially.

Jun. 26 2008 08:21 PM
Donna Cunningham

I am proud and honored to have Byron as our National PTA CEO. He is passionate and inspiring and I feel that he will take PTA forward in a new direction to be more inclusive in our advocacy efforts. As both a male and as an African-American he brings change and diversity to our organization and I look forward to his tenure. Congratulations, Byron. I wish you the best.

Donna C., Burbank, CA

Jun. 23 2008 09:57 PM

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