'When in Doubt, Fry': Tasting the Best State Foods from the Upper Midwest

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you have a favorite treat from Michigan or dish from Minnesota?  Have you ever had Vernors soda, or squeaky cheese curd? For this week's food segment, we continue our state-by-state journey to find our favorite regional foods from around the country with our friend Ed Levine of SeriousEats.com.


This week we head to the Upper Midwest, physical center of the country and comfort food central, for a look at their local cuisine. From the great state of Michigan, we encounter our first U-P pasty—a bread-like crust filled with potatoes, vegetables, and meat. Illinois is famous for the breaded steak sandwich, as well as the Italian beef sandwich. Minnesotans are fond of eating foods on sticks, everything from corn dogs to macaroni and cheese. Wisconsin, known for its cheese, brings us two kinds of cheese curds, squeaky and fried, and Indiana is the birth place of sugar cream pie. No Pepto-Bismol included.

What are your favorite regional foods? Let us know in the comment section!

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Sara Jane Johnson from Shelby Twp., Michigan

Mrs. Wick's sugar cream pies are a holiday tradition with my family in Indiana. They are a great way for me to have a taste of home up in Michigan.

Jun. 16 2010 02:40 PM
Sydney from Grosse Pointe, Michigan

I use to have Vernors all the time when I was a child. It was the go to drink for my Grandmother when any of us kids were sick, as well as just her go to drink to this day.

Jun. 16 2010 01:09 PM
Margaret from Somerville, MA

I love Vernors soda! My grandmother used to make Vernors floats with vanilla ice cream for me when I was a kid.

Aside from Vernors, I identify muskrat as my native Michigan food. Catholics/French Canadians in the Detroit River region were allowed to include muskrat in their Lenten fish dinners and since then, muskrat dinners have been a regular part of the Lent season in my hometown of Monroe, Michigan.

Jun. 16 2010 07:07 AM

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