Five American Muslims Detained In Pakistan

Friday, December 11, 2009

Five young men from Northern Virginia were arrested in Pakistan on Thursday for alleged ties to Muslim militant groups there, and will likely be deported. Just weeks after the Fort Hood shooting, we take a look at these young American Muslims. We're joined by Ibrahim Hooper, the national communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Siobhan Gorman, intelligence reporter at the Wall Street Journal, who break down what we know about these five men and report reactions from the Muslim community in Virginia.

This case and possibly others raise enough concerns that it's something the Muslim community wants to deal with. That's why we're planning an outreach campaign to Muslim youth, offering a mainstream perspective on a variety of issues, so that when they go on the Internet and have access to these kinds of extremist viewpoints from overseas, that they have a balancing perspective. I don't think we're seeing this kind of thing develop from something that's said in a mosque in America -- you're seeing it develop from people accessing extremist websites or extremist viewpoints in the international arena.
--Ibrahim Hooper, the national communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations


Siobhan Gorman and Ibrahim Hooper

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Todd Zwillich


Arwa Gunja

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It's short of being a true Mafia based operation, Arabs are being used by ISLAM so much it hurt the Stock Market in UAE & fundamental services may never recover from the Asian losses of investors. It was a 2-World scenario, 1-World of Dopers is doomed, a serious crunch in investment at the pumps where prices could escalate 1st. Blame CAIR for their relaxed policy towards ISLAM to be so far from supporting female Shiite Muslims. Charged for discrimination and the loss of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does not serve the Muslim brotherhood well to say CAIR will not prosecute its members fully & demotion is the least of the fears. Terror plots have gone on before 2005, but in Chicago a Islamic rally was held in '05 to stand up against Terrorism in the ISLAM 2-World, I guess the Norwegian's missed that World Peace Episode efforts clinging to Obama's Indonesian-African Muslim Brotherhood that did not exist even before '05 nor to the present. Speaks tongues of damaged hopes.

Dec. 13 2009 10:15 AM

If CAIR forgot about Iraq prior to the war, not just in Iraq but more locations in Middle East countries that Muslims of African descent not only lived in Middle Eastern nations but also worked there, many drove Oil tanker trucks, many still are employed on Oil Tankers that deliver Oil to America and many are not Turkish Muslims but many are Muslims. Saddam drove many Muslims out of Iraq esp. African Muslims and they found refuge in Turkey. I think the investigators could overturn closet controllers in Iraq & Pakistan that supply the types these five sought after in Pakistan that trip across the border to skirmish against Afghans esp. for food. The opium trade obtains lots of money and funds investors of Oil businesses if they invest in the opium trade and so that is how Norway's Nobel Peace Prize gets donations. Yesterday FoxNews showed viewers one controller in Pakistan, you know Obama hates FoxNews. No Opium Sales hurts UAE seriously damages Nobel too.

Dec. 13 2009 09:26 AM

Peace efforts of the UN & NATO, not America, had formed a Worldwide effort before Obama pushed them aside prior to any Nobel Peace Prize to declare responsibility fully, 100% Peace Movement Against Terror? After the Nobel announcement, Obama nearly lost the UN in Afghanistan cause he was exceptionally slow on making a decision to move more troops to protect the citizens & NATO while the UN decided it's taking to long began moving their staff away from their embedded positions & NATO remained to wait out Obama's decision (faulty solution), is this the World Peace effort the Nobel Foundation considered a continuance of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama? Like 5 Muslims here, 2-wrongs doesn't serve justice. Now we see America with so few troops that America becomes a vital weakness to any terrorist threat worldwide. Where's the financial report that is suppose to be published by Obama submitted to Congress regarding the cost to Taxpayers.

Dec. 13 2009 08:34 AM

Many laws that compel World Peace, many World Leaders making speeches on World Peace & many Organizations founded to generate World Peace & to fight against World Hunger. ISLAM is against building up of a Peace Keeping Military Force. Iran depicts Military Peace efforts of Israel as supporting Zionist & form its coalition Militaristically against Zionist. Iran says that Israel cannot be both a ISALM supporter & supporter of the Military, ISLAM is against Military establishment so look what Iran is doing to preserve their Nuclear Ambition to claim a future in Nuclear Science using it's Military against Israel. This isn't World Peace it's a Proof of Military Competition to show American Troop engagements against a unseen enemy in the Middle East. Investment Interest Protection should be enforced by Russians & Chinese since Investments are presented by each none by the US cause America has no Investment Interest other than OIL & a Military Competition against Terror.

Dec. 13 2009 08:20 AM

Turkish Muslims have proven they know how to murder people, Obama has proven he knows how to decriminalize Muslims - he told them he's a Muslim & there's nothing that can be done to change that but he told American's before the elective process started & voters agreed supporting Obama's statement he was not a Muslim but a Christian was the truth, then downplayed after the election voters say that Obama's performance isn't appreciated, Worldwide Peace effort made America into a Sorry Example to other nations while he himself showed accomplishments as a lawyer assistant, none as a Senator or nothing now that everyone realizes he is a do nothing Muslim that cannot change to being a Christian/Muslim. This is like having a law to compel World Peace then to counter the purpose and declare a continuance of war against terrorist becoming more careless to kill innocent citizens just to claim a World Peace. Futurized by Osama bin Laden, "There is going to be a economic failure".

Dec. 13 2009 08:02 AM

What this signifies is CAIR esp. Obama do not see the entire world the same way, influencing The Nobel Foundation also is Mrs. Clinton whom on several occasions has stated opposition against Muslim Textbooks, CAIR has done little,and Obama nothing to show that his Muslim support was aimed at the Turkish Muslim Communities which were the exact same that killed the millions of Armenian's and the same that have a Monument erected in Turkey just across the border from Armenia that refuses to open it to go to their Monument. this spells a negative Worldwide Peace when we see this it makes you wonder how Obama clings to President Bush coat-tail so much in siding with Bush's irresponsible statement that a Monument will change nothing, those Genocide people are dead, you cannot bring then back with a Monument. Is this telling us what They do for a living against terror plotters I understand, but against a Monument I do not fathom.

Dec. 13 2009 07:37 AM

CAIR seems to have been est. for a long time, why did CAIR took so long to distinguish a importance that affects Muslim Youth to this date when we can observe the many school textbooks that are printed with adverse statements to what CAIR now is saying entirely differently? If CAIR plans to deal with a textbook issue that is directed at Muslim Youth then CAIR should step forward & say they intend to deal with this too. What difference is a campaign aimed towards Muslim Youth be to change their education this late in dealing with terrorism in general that begun at the low grade school levels & not state that low grade school levels are being funded inappropriately with printed textbooks that is counter productive towards dealing with terrorist? We should center on the best expenditures not fallacies that are counter objective when a attempt to build markets not destroy them & to build better citizens rather than to provide tools to become terrorist or murderers.

Dec. 13 2009 06:27 AM

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