Fine print of the torture memos reveal shocking details

Monday, April 20, 2009

The fallout from the release of the so-called torture memos that document the CIA's interrogation techniques against purported terrorists continues. Now more details of the potentially illegal torture are becoming clear. In 2007, a former CIA officer told new organizations that an al Qaida operative, Abu Zubayadah, had undergone waterboarding for only 35 seconds before agreeing to tell everything he knew. Now new analysis of the so-called torture memos shows that Zubaydah was actually waterboarded at least 83 times. The same simulated drowning technique was used almost 200 times against Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, the self-described planner of the September 11 attacks. New York Times reporter Scott Shane has been following this story for the paper and he joins The Takeaway with the disturbing tale.

For more, read Scott Shane's article, Waterboarding Used 266 Times on 2 Suspects in today's New York Times.


Scott Shane


Sitara Nieves

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