Family of Slain Iranian Protester Speaks Out in 'For Neda'

Friday, June 11, 2010

This weekend marks one year since last summer's massive protests in Iran following contested election results. In the midst of the protests, aspiring musician Neda Agha Soltan was shot and killed. Her death was captured on video and went viral on the internet. The family of the 26-year-old victim is speaking out in a new documentary, "For Neda," which will air on HBO next week. (HBO released the documentary online; it's embedded after the jump.)

We talk with Antony Thomas and Sayeed Deghahn, the director and producer of the film, about the documentary and life in Iran in the year since the transformative protests.


Sayeed Kamali Dehgahn and Antony Thomas

Produced by:

Jen Poyant

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