Female Veterans Navigate Male-Dominated VA System

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More women than ever are returning home from military duty, but many Veteran Affairs centers don’t have adequate services for womens' health. We talk this morning with Ann Brown, director of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in  Martinsburg, West Virginia, and retired Marine Capt. Anu Bhagwati, executive director of the Service Women's Action Network, about what VA facilities need to do to better accommodate female needs.


Anuradha K. Bhagwati and Ann Brown


Arwa Gunja

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Has John Hockenberry turned into Kelly Ripa? This year, 60% of enlisted women in Iraq are reporting rapes by their fellow service men. That staggering number is only what is being reported - the actual number is thought to be much higher. The treatment that service women are requiring (in droves) at VA Hospitals is for brutal rapes. Yet the story neglected to discuss this as straight-forwardly as it needed to. Instead it opened with excerpts of Goldie Hawn being ditzy in 'Private Benjamin'. Regis wouldn't even have stooped that low.
But perhaps Kelly would have and John Hockenberry did a good impersonation of her when he chimed in at the end with, "Women need to voluntarily self-identify that the VA has services available to them." It was definitely his Ripa moment. Had he been listening? If the subject is too 'heavy' for your 'morning' show then don't cover it - you are doing more damage to veterans by trying to lighten it up then if you didn't cover it at all.

Dec. 16 2009 03:34 PM

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