Journalists in North Korea: The Families' Careful Pleas

Two U.S. journalists are accused of crossing into the sealed country

Friday, June 05, 2009

American Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have been detained in North Korea since March, after they were accused of illegally crossing the border from China. Their trial was supposed to begin yesterday. If convicted, they could face 10 years of hard labor. The women’s families remained silent for the first two months of their captivity, but this week family members were on the Today Show, Larry King Live, and other programs, appealing for the journalists' release.

Steve Romano, a Former Chief Negotiator for the FBI and now a Senior Advisor with the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, joins The Takeaway to talk about how experts advise families what to say to the press when a loved one is held captive.

Here is some footage of vigils being held for the captive journalists.


Steve Romano

Hosted by:

Andrea Bernstein and Todd Zwillich


Stephanie Hughes and Nadia Zonis

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