Examining a Tentative Health Care Compromise

Senate Democrats reach fragile deal; progressives bid adieu to 'public option'

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Details of the health care compromise reached by Senate Democrats – which will certainly change as Congressional negotiations grind on – are trickling out. Changes on the table include dropping the contentious 'public option,' and an expansion in Medicare coverage to include people aged 55-64. To discuss this and other aspects of yesterday's deal, we talk with our Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich and Ken Thorpe, chair of the Department of Health Policy at Emory University.


Ken Thorpe and Todd Zwillich


Arwa Gunja and Hsi-Chang Lin

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When my mom was on Medicare, I had to purchase private so-called "Medigap" insurance, later the Prescription Drug plan,in order to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for her. None of those interviewed have addressed whether the new proposal for people over 55 will eliminate the "gap" between costs and what Medicare will pay.

Dec. 10 2009 07:08 AM

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