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Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 03:15 PM


It’s Mary again, looking ahead to this week’s shows.

Even though it’s a three-day weekend for most folks, John and Celeste will be in all next week – except for Friday, when John will be getting some rest, and Miles O’Brien will fill in. On to the show…


MONDAY, MAY 31ST: MEMORIAL DAY! Chris Oynes, the head of offshore drilling at MMS, leaves his post after the Gulf oil disaster. “Quit Facebook Day” declared by Canadian users Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee – as Pakistan lifts its Facebook ban. Stanley Cup begins. Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood!

  • YOUR MEMORIAL DAY: Our producer Noel King has spent all week talking to veterans and their loved ones about who THEY are remembering this Memorial Day. We’ll share their moving words with you on Monday morning.
  • RACE RELATIONS: Last week, the AP reported about trends in interracial marriage, and the data caught Celeste’s eyes. Mixed race families are on the rise, but rates of intermarriage are slowing down. We wanted to talk about how marriage changes complicated relationships, and what the data really means. Debra Dickerson (whose own marriage to a white man is now ending) is joining us, along with Alvin and Omelia Garner, a mixed-race couple that married 42 years ago. They were the first interracial couple to marry in their North Carolina county.
  • INVESTIGATING THE CRASH: Phil Angelides, the head of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (think 9/11 Commission – for the financial collapse), has spent the last year or so investigating the cause of the 2008 crash. He gives us a preview of his report, and also answers the question – if his report isn’t out yet, how is Congress actually passing effective financial reform?
  • FAMILY TIES: He’s more than the brother of the first lady – Craig Robinson is a phenomenon in his own right. He speaks to us a bit about his family ties, and what he thinks made he and his sister so wildly successful.

TUESDAY, JUNE 1ST: President Obama expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. North Atlantic Hurricane season starts as the US military ends its formal earthquake relief mission in Haiti. Peruvian President Alan Garcia at the White House. US-India Strategic Dialogue held in Washington DC by Hillary Clinton. In court: Times Square would-be bomber Faisal Shahzad; Fort Hood shooting suspect Nidal Hasan; former BART officer Johannes Mehserle, who is charged with murdering 22-year-old Oscar Grant on January 1st, 2009. First Anniversary of Air France jet “disappearing” over the Atlantic; first anniversary of GM filing for bankruptcy. Primaries in New Mexico, Mississippi, and Alabama. Sarah Ferguson appears on the Oprah Winfrey show .

  • KICKING OFF THE WORK WEEK: We talk about workplace issues on Tuesdays, and this week we ask – when was the last time YOU took a lunch break? Justin Jones Fosu reckons it was a while ago. He joins us to talk a bit about the psychology of the lunch break and whether we should really all be eating at our desks anyway. (We’ve also reached out to Ken Wisnefski, who has outlawed lunch breaks at his office.)
  • CNN: It’s the 30th birthday of CNN, and Dan Schorr was there at the very beginning. We’ll talk about whether CNN has been good or bad for the news industry, lo these many years later.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2ND : Paul McCartney performs at the White House and is awarded the Gershwin Prize by the Library of Congress.

  • IN THE KITCHEN: We want to talk about the challenge of eating “right” when you can’t afford Whole Foods. Janine Whiteson has taken up the challenge – finding healthy meals at “corner stores” across New York City. She’ll tell us how to do this ourselves.
  • OOPS:Being Wrong” is Kathryn Schulz’s new book about “adventures in the margin of error.” Being wrong is natural, according to Schulz – which makes her wonder why we all get so worked up and defensive when we’re called out for being wrong. Sounds like a Takeaway question: when have YOU been wrong - and do you think being wrong is a good thing or a bad thing?

THURSDAY, JUNE 3RD: The UN is expected to ask the US to stop using targeted drone strikes to kill Al Qaeda suspects. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich faces federal corruption charges in Illinois court. NBA Finals begin.

  • ALL THE BUZZ: Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee joins us LIVE to talk about her hilarious new book, “I Know I Am, But What Are You?” Displaying a David Sedaris-like talent for essay-writing, Bee shows a personal side that's rarely on display on Comedy Central.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH: Monthly unemployment numbers released at 8:30 AM. Santa Monica sushi chef in court, charged with selling whale meat. Final round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

OVER THE WEEKEND: SATURDAY: French Open Women’s Singles Final. Stephanie Meyer’s latest “Twighlight” novella is published.. SUNDAY: French Open Men’s Singles Final. MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Aziz Ansari.

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