Interracial Marriages, Past and Present

Monday, May 31, 2010

According to the latest census numbers, the number of interracial marriages is up 20 percent since the year 2000, to about 4.5 million. That means that eight percent of all marriages in the U.S. are now between people of different races. 

Debra Dickerson is a cultural commentator whose essays on race and society have appeared in Mother Jones, Slate, Salon, and many other publications, including her own blog. Debra is black, and until recently, was married to a white man. We also talk with Omelia and Alvin Garner. Omelia, who’s black, and Alvin, who’s white, were the first black-white interracial couple to be legally married in Orange County, North Carolina 42 years ago.


Debra Dickerson, Alvin Garner and Omelia Garner

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Posey Gruener and Kristen Meinzer

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jcdaviesauthor from ny

Yes racism is still out there, but the truth is you are always going to have other people in your bid-ness, regardless of race so all you can really do with “those people” that have that attitude is to ignore them and enjoy all benefits that come from dating people of different cultures.
Today we launched a blog, Racy JC, that approaches these issues in a new, honest, real, and non-PC way. Please check it out!

And never forget interracial dating is great and you can do it! Racy JC

Jul. 01 2010 04:45 PM
Eric from Staten Island

9:03am 5/31/2010
I just heard a segment about racism and cannot believe how the guest justified a black woman yelling at Celeste Headlee for dating a black man. She rationalized because black women are alone. So if other races have an excuse for their racism it is suddenly okay? Does the guest feel somehow black women are supposed be the only ones who can date black women? Do black women yell or harass other black women for dating black men? One less available black man is one less available black man no matter who he is dating. And, what would it matter if a black man is not available. A black woman could date a non-black and not be alone. So why the animosity towards an interracial couple where the man is black. It is abhorrent and disgusting how blacks excuse their own racism.

I am actually surprised the guest's commentary was just permitted to be just so easily glazed over.

Note: I am an interracial male who has dated all races my whole life and have unfortunately been the recipient of a lot of racism and found similar racist thinking in all races.

May. 31 2010 09:20 AM
Stephen from New York City

The struggle of inter-racial gay male couples should also be acknowledged. In our neighborhood of Hamilton Heights (Uptown west in Manhattan), the "salt-and-pepper" couples broke ground as the first wave of both whote arrival and gay presence in a traditional Harlem neighborhood that is now leading the way in the rejuvenation of Harlem.

May. 31 2010 09:07 AM

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