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Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 10:55 AM

Celeste Headlee scours the country’s newspapers for interesting stories. Here's her list for this morning:

From The Houston Chronicle:
The EPA has given Texas a few weeks to agree to comply with clean-air standards or, they say, they will take over the state's entire air-pollution permitting program.  The EPA's regional administrator said, "We have to get good air quality permits issued in Texas, and either the state of Texas does it, or I'll have to."

From The Detroit News:

Detroit is millions of dollars in debt, and it turns out that the police force is part of the problem.  That adds another facet to the story of the 7-year-old who was accidentally killed during a police raid, since the city will likely pay millions in reimbursements to the family.  From the article: 

"And for the financially strapped city, that would only add to the more than $39 million paid out in police lawsuits between July 2006 and June 2009, according to an analysis by The News."

From The Arizona Republic:
Are we seeing racial profiling and abuse in Mexico as it criticizes the Arizona law?  From the article:

"Mexican authorities have harshly criticized Arizona over Senate Bill 1070, which makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally... Meanwhile, Mexican police freely engage in racial profiling, harassing Central American migrants while ignoring thousands of American retirees living illegally in Mexico, immigration experts say."

From The Denver Post:
Is the Toyota debacle changing car design?  Car makers like Ford are unveiling new safety features the way they used to show off engine power and sound systems.  This comes as the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a sweeping overhaul of auto safety laws by 31-21 vote Wednesday.  From the article:

"Ford on Wednesday showed off a new suite of automotive devices designed to lessen collisions and mitigate their damage.The newest of the mechanisms for introduction this year are inflatable rear seat belts. During a collision, the belts deploy small air bags that can reduce the severity of injuries."

From The Los Angeles Times:
We have just entered the very short season of the boysenberry.  This is a juicy, unique fruit which a fascinating history that is hard to find, but totally worth it.


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Linda Lynx from New York

Celesete Headlee is simply not mature enough for this post; it's like listening to a junior high school student.
The whole texting format is insulting and FOX Newis-ish; a bald attempt to lure young people, who are online anyhow, not listening to public radio.
I turn to BBC now.

Jun. 07 2010 08:57 AM

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