The Enigma of Michael Jackson

Friday, June 26, 2009

From his obsession with plastic surgery to his legal and financial troubles, Michael Jackson led a complicated life. What will he be remembered for: his work as a musical artist or his latter-day weirdness?

Bill Wyman is the former arts editor for Salon and now writes for the blog, “Hitsville.


Bill Wyman

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You devils will make sure he is not remembered correctly. Yes he was bigger than Elvis or Beatles.He was also smarter. He owned 50% of SONY/ATV publishing which is worth many multiple billions This is partly the reason he was murdered. The "debt" is a creation to steal his wealth from his family which your kind are doing now.
When will you discuss Woody Allen who married his daughter and that weirdness.

Bill Wyman you are a disgrace. But you and your kind will be forgotten in time.

Jul. 16 2009 08:36 AM

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