Enhancement is not a dirty word

Monday, December 08, 2008

We were all taught to "Just Say No," but when it comes to performance enhancers, is it okay to say yes?
Nancy Reagan taught us all to "Just Say No," but when it comes to mental performance enhancing drugs, it may be okay to say yes. Professor Martha Farah from the University of Pennsylvania joins The Takeaway to discuss how responsible use of cognitive performance enhancers is something we as a society should consider.


Martha Farah


Kent DePinto

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Dr. Farah minimizes the neurological changes that may occur when using drugs active in the CNS. It used to be thought that adults neurons were fixed but results in the past 3-4 years show that we have ability to modify our neural connections (think using puzzles to ward off Alzheimers). Drugs do this, too.

Not enough is known at yet to recommend using meds for better GPAs or MCAT scores. Is it worth it when the effects of brain remodeling are not yet appreciated?

Dec. 08 2008 09:35 AM

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