End of the Decade: American Pop Culture in the 2000s

Friday, January 01, 2010

It's the first day of a brand new decade; we're hoping to jump in and begin this one fresh-faced and optimistic.  All this week we've been taking a look back at the 2000s and how we've changed because of them.  

Today is the last day to (officially) look back and we're talking about American pop culture: the best and worst of where we've been and where we may go in the next ten years.  Joining us are two Takeaway contributors who know a thing or two about the subject: Patrik Henry Bass, books editor for Essence, and Kate Dailey, health and lifestyle editor for Newsweek.

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Luke Burbank


Patrik Henry Bass, Kate Dailey and Jen Poyant

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MK Ultra

The US as we know it pretty much came to an end in the 00s, yet, here's NPR tooting pop culture. In case there were any doubts as to Amerikans being brainwashed, huh?

Jan. 02 2010 10:48 PM

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