Painting the Open Road

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eben Erickson makes his living off of that yellow line that stretches down the middle of the highway. However, this year, his livelihood may be threatened. His company, Road Runner Striping, usually spends spring repainting the stripes. However a shortage of an essential component of road paint that may mean less income for businesses and compromised safety for drivers.

Erickson describes this unique problem and what is causing the shortage.


Eben Erickson

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Eben Erickson from Tacoma WA

Please be slow down through highway construction projects. It makes a huge fifference to us if vehicles are pasing by at 50 MPH or 70MPH. Often times there is nothing between us other than an orange cone and a few feet. It is frustrating for all of us to be stuck in contruction but it is not worth losing lives over. Thank You for looking out for us. We appreciate your patience.

Eben Erickson

May. 25 2010 07:42 AM

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