Lebanon's Elections: It's the Moderates Over Hezbollah

The U.S.-backed alliance triumphs in the Lebanese elections

Monday, June 08, 2009

In Lebanon, hotly-contested parliamentary elections have ended with a win for a U.S.-backed political alliance. The Lebanese opposition, headed by militant Hezbollah, is backed by Syria and Iran; American diplomats did not want to see Hezbollah in charge of a pivotal Mideast nation.The Takeaway is joined by Natalia Antelava, a BBC correspondent in Beirut.


Natalia Antelava

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Dave Brubeck

The American diplomats should not be backing any political party.
They are creating hostility toward the USA by meddling in affairs they have no business being involved in. It makes you wonder how much money the USA is spending meddling in the affairs of Hezbollah with hostile CIA activity.

Jun. 08 2009 05:30 PM

What a blatantly biased heading. Moderates? That's laughable. What is it that makes them so moderate? The fact that Saad Hariri says that he won't have a government with M8 if M14 wins? Is that moderate?

Both sides have a mix of Shiite, sunni, and various christian sects.. they are both for Lebanon and both will be forced to work together. However, moderation implies not being on any extreme and the Hariri bloc is certainly on the opposite extreme politically when compared to the Hezbollah bloc.

If by moderation, you mean, religious moderation, then let's not pretend that there is such a thing in a country like Lebanon.

Jun. 08 2009 01:45 PM

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