Egypt will not open border crossing into Gaza

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In a speech today, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak said his country will not fully open the border crossing into Gaza. He said that it will remain that way until the Palestinian Authority is in control of the border post. This decision comes despite criticism of Egypt from the Arab world for refusing to open the Rafah crossing in the past year, which has helped complete an Israeli blockade of the territory. Since the violence in Gaza began on Saturday, Egypt has allowed some of the wounded to cross for treatment and some humanitarian supplies. For more, we go to the BBC's Christian Fraser live at Rafah Crossing, on the border between Gaza and Egypt.


Christian Fraser

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yadi yadi yada

egypt is not a democracy. so the will of it's populace goes unheeded by the dictatorial government. obviously it's citizens want the border crossing.

also, it is important to note that israel is engaged in not only closing the border, but in blockading gaza. us senator john kerry had to force the isaeli government to let in pasta.

Sep. 01 2009 05:49 AM
Greg Gordon

Notice how, when both Israel and Egypt block Gazans from traveling, that only Israel is blamed? Why don't the Egyptians send some food to the people of Gaza? Since Egyptians control the Rafah Crossing, it should be quick and easy for them. Why are Egyptian Muslims allowing their fellow Muslims in Gaza to starve?

Feb. 03 2009 08:24 PM

I am just happy that your show, unlike every other major media outlet, is airing something other then the "poor Isreal, the Palestinians deserve this" point of view. I am disgusted and disheartened about how little a Muslim life is worth to the Western World at large, and then the West wonders why most of the Islamic world doesn't trust them? I do not agree with Hamas's tactics, but can anyone PLEASE mention the fact that during the cease fire Israel tightened the embargo on Gaza to the point of driving it's residents to starvation and desparation? So Israel DOES NOT live up to any deal brokered, and will only be happy with the total extermination of the Palestinian people. I guess the Israel government learned a lot for the Nazi's? Hile Israel.

Dec. 30 2008 12:48 PM

God does not like the killing of any one, not only civilians!
Men in uniform should not be killed ether!

That said, In the first segment today all of you were busy speculating how many civilian casualties ‘will be’ not ‘what happened’ but what ‘might happen’ it looks like the ‘civilian’ talking point is with you even when it doesn’t happen.

In the last 4 days the ratio of civilian death in Gaza is much less the in Iraq or Avganistan. It looks like reporters are just having talking points ready and cannot go away from it, even when the story did not happen. There are no reports of major civilian casualties, but you just went on and on.

By the way, if wish to talk about civilian casualties, talk about how many women and children were killed in the last 4 days in Gaza due to the Hamas faulty rocket launchers. That actually did happen.

Dec. 30 2008 09:28 AM

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