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Friday, September 04, 2009

The August unemployment rate is out. The new rate is 9.7 percent. That's up from 9.4 percent last month, and is a little higher than what economists predicted. Most economists are saying the recession is waning, but try saying that to the more than half a million laid-off workers applying for benefits. New numbers out Thursday showed a slight improvement in jobless claims from the week before, but it’s still far higher than the 350,000 claims that economists say is a sign of a healthy labor market.

We’re looking at the economic picture of ordinary people. We’ll crunch the big numbers with Catherine Rampell, editor of the New York Times Economix blog. But we’ll also speak to three people struggling to find a job or hold onto the one they already have: Cliff Hagedon, owner of Fort Gratiot Express trucking; Francine Morin, an unemployed health care program coordinator; and Liz Gold, who manages a social networking site called for mothers in Tampa, Florida.

And we’re asking people to tell us their own economic picture: Are you, or people close to you, finding it easier or harder to get a job? Getting more interviews, job offers? Tell us your story and we’ll get it on the show.


Liz Gold, Cliff Hagedon, Francine Morin and Catherine Rampell

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