Echoes of Mozart in modern times

Friday, August 01, 2008

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a brilliant man. By the age of 13, he had written concertos, sonatas, symphonies, a German operetta and an Italian opera. He took Europe by storm and even wrote a requiem, which he intended to commemorate his own death. Today, the music of Mozart is heard in elevators, at a quiet volume. Terrance McKnight, host of WNYC's Evening Music, has been broadcasting from the “Mostly Mozart Festival.”
Guest: Terrance McKnight, music writer, blogger, and host of Evening Music on WNYC


Collin Campbell and Corey Takahashi

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Wow - what completely botched coverage of what could have been an interesting story. Mozart's not nearly as annoying as your coverage was.

1) Playing sound bites from Amadeus to back up your opinion, oh yeah - if it's in a movie it MUST be true.

2) Trying to answer Terrence McKnight's rhetorical question (who today writes music in the dearth of styles both high and low -popular, dance, religious, and "serious" etc.) with an artist who works across artforms.

3) The contemporized Mozart was beyond a stretch. I don't know how the clip of the Mozart "dub" can even count as sampling, more like someone tape recorded a gala/party - the conversation and ambient noise was the focus not the Mozart playing in the background. I thought purpose of sampling was for artist to use other's work to weave/rework into their own.

4)Finally - the real story here is that Lincoln Center is breathing new life into Mostly Mozart by including contemporar composers. Orchestras across the country roll out Mostly Mozart concern series every summer to bostler their attendance knowing that Mozart appeals to concert goers. What's different here is that The Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center is taking a big risk by incorporating a composer in residence to perform new works of contemporary classical music (the kind that is usually NOT embraced by summer concert goers).

Once again - thanks for missing the mark

Aug. 01 2008 10:44 AM

I think Prince is the modern day Mozart.

Aug. 01 2008 09:55 AM

What was the Mozart work cited during the show (it sounded perhaps like the Magnificat...but my 2 yr old began yelling for his milk at the moment it came on and I only caught a snip)? Could you also tell me the name of the Hip-Hop song in which the same Mozart was sampled?

Aug. 01 2008 08:22 AM

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